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Honestly...I think I'm smarter, cooler, and funnier than I really am. I love a good pun and Conway Twitty makes me feel uncomfortable...
Feb 18 '13

Too Much Exercise

Actually blogging to vent, although unless venting helps fix strained muscles and a sore body, then the venting is basically useless, but YOLO! So in play rehearsals today, we had to walk (and by walk, I mean jog) around our lecture hall repeatedly while singing. I’m a drama kid, I no do the whole running thing! But alas, I tolerated it.

Then in the next song, SOMEONE had the genius idea to have some girls toss a full grown guy across the stage for blocking. Apparently when you’re 6 ft tall, it also means you’re strong, because I was picked right away and the other gals pretty much did nothing. So I was left tossing this guy repeatedly! I felt like my arms were about to fall off!

Then after coming home from rehearsals, my family shows up with a surprise trip to the ice skating rink. That place may seem all sweet and innocent. “Oh yeah, I can skate, it’s just a circle, how hard can it be?” LEMME TELL YOU IT IS A CIRCLE OF DEATH! 

So for lack of a better rant, my body feels like mush and now I have 67 psychology questions due tomorrow and instead I’m on Tumblr. So for the night, I bid y’all adue.

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